Feature Projects

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi


For the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi (TMMMS) plant, located at Blue Springs, MS, Toyota wants to pay more than lip service to the term sustainable. Toyota's vision of a sustainable plant has historically embraced the following concepts:

  • Innovative production approaches
  • Utilization of renewable energy sources
  • Afforestation/reforestation based on naturally occurring vegetation

The TMMMS site could also implement enhanced land?use practices such as sustainable logging of pine and hardwoods, solar collectors for energy production, and harvesting traditional agricultural products such as hay and grasses.


The vision plan identifies three distinct landscape zones for the TMMMS site. Within each zone there is one or more landscape type. Landscape zones describe the overall intent and function of the landscape, while the landscape types describe the specific elements in the landscape.


The announcement zone includes the following landscape types:

  • Canopy and Understory Landscape
  • Meadow/Grassland Landscape
  • Landscape Nodes

Elements in this zone should be organized in large, linear masses that will provide the greatest effect from the perspective of the highway traveler. Improvement to this zone will require coordination with MDOT, but is vital to extend the character of the facility.

Facility Context

The facility context zone includes the following landscape types:

  • Landscape Nodes
  • Meadow/Grassland Landscape
  • Canopy and Understory Landscape
  • Agricultural Landscape

The most diverse zone, the facility context zone will require the greatest level of management. However, energy should be focused on key landscape nodes which visitors and pedestrians will come in contact with.


The restoration zone includes the following landscape types:

  • Meadow/Grassland Landscape
  • Forest Landscape
  • The restoration zone occurs at the edges of the site and priorities will primarily be Afforestation efforts.