Computer Requirements

Laptop Requirement

Students studying landscape architecture are required to have a laptop computer beginning the fall semester of their first year. The laptop should be powerful enough to support the demanding video and computational requirements of the software programs used for our coursework. The specifications below serve as a guide for the purchase of that laptop computer.

Laptop Specifications:

  • Processor: Intel Core i7 or better
  • Memory: 32 GB recommended, 16 GB Minimum
  • Hard Drive: 500 GB Solid State Hard Drive Minimum
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 or equivalent
  • Display: 15-17" Display
  • Network Card: Built-in wireless network card 802.11 (g or n), also recommend built-in Bluetooth module
  • Wireless Mouse: Three-button Optical Mouse with Scrolling Wheel

Macintosh Users:

Faculty and Students utilize both Windows-based PC's and intel-based Macintosh computers. Either is acceptable. Certain software (ArcGIS, Lumion, et al), however, are non-native to Macs and may be required throughout the core curriculum. For that reason, students choosing to purchase a Mac may be responsible for installing both operating systems and ensuring that the required software runs on the machines they purchase. This can be accomplished through Boot Camp, an application already available on Mac computers.

Required Software:

Recommended Software:

Recommended Accessories:

  • 32GB+ USB flash drive for transferring files
  • 1TB+ External hard drive for file backup and archiving
  • 11" x 17" Printer/Scanner for convenient production of base maps, progress prints and final deliverables
  • Desktop Monitor to increase the limited workspace of most laptops.
  • Surge Protector